Farrelli's Cinema Has Closed
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart
that we announce the closing of Farrelli's Cinema Supper Club.

We will be continuing our catering and event planning services through our other company,
Corporate Bistro, LLC. If you have catering or corporate food service needs, please contact us at

For 10 years, it has been a huge struggle to keep Farrelli's open between 9/11,
the uncooperative movie industry and the recession.
However, it was the bank that now owns the property after the landlord defaulted on their loan
that forced us to shut down. They did not want to continue allowing us to pay the renegotiated rent
we had been paying for two years. We had paid the previous landlord this amount and continued to pay
the new bank this amount. The bank accepted and cashed our checks.

At the beginning of October, the bank sent us a letter from their law firm telling us
to pay the full rent amount by the next day, plus all arrears accumulated from
the reduced rent over the years within five days. Our lawyers advised that
a lockout was imminent and just a few days later, they locked us out.
We didn't see it coming, don't understand their motivation and had no options but to shut down.

It was our dream to create this beautiful place and we did. We thank
you for enjoying 10 years of dinner at the movies with us. We
will miss seeing all of you at Farrelli's.

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